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Since 1997, Norton, Murphy, Sheehy & Corrubia, P.C. has earned a reputation for providing the highest quality legal services in an effective, economical and efficient manner. The firm's attorneys routinely appear before the state and federal courts throughout New Jersey.


At Norton, Murphy, Sheehy & Corrubia, P.C., our attorneys defend insurance companies, businesses and insured individuals in personal injury claims arising out of vehicular accidents, premises liability accidents, products liability claims, personal injury protection and reimbursement claims, defense of Title 59 defendants, defense of uninsured and underinsured insurance claims and investigation and prevention of insurance fraud.  The firm also represents companies and individuals in all types of business transactions.  Our firm’s clients include major insurance carriers, Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and banking institutions as well as a variety of public and private companies. 


Norton, Murphy, Sheehy & Corrubia, P.C. also represents claimants in vehicular accidents, premises liability mishaps, product liability claims and injuries sustained at amusement parks.  We also have broad experience in commercial, municipal, general equity and land use matters, and draft wills and other estate related documents.  Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the legal profession, serving in a variety of positions in the Court, County and State bars and the community.  


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Our Philosophy

It is all about the clients.  We always do what is necessary to protect the interests of our clients, and never stop working until the job is done.  Our lawyers are in court every week, handling hundreds of insurance claim defense cases each year.  


On the personal side, our lawyers handle every step of our clients’ legal process.  When the client calls, one of our lawyers will return the call promptly.  When the client has a question, one of our lawyers will answer the question.  When our client has a court appearance, one of our lawyers will be there right beside the client.  Since a legal proceeding can be a very emotional and costly experience, our lawyers will educate the client in the legal process, will consistently keep the client up to date with case developments and treat the client with the respect and loyalty the client deserves from his or her lawyer.  The client deserves our service and will get our service.  

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